The begining - 2001, "Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts" - Plovdiv. One idea to interpret classical music in contemporary arrangements, calls itself the "Intro". For ten years, more and more bold experiment in style, sound and stage presence. Trying to avoid comparisons with similar formations, in 2005 the quartet began working with the brass section, bagpipe, and includes vocals in their plays. At present, part of INTRO are: Blagoi Geshev - trombone, Todor Yuchev - trumpet, Trifon Trifonov - flute. Musical ideas and their implementation are the work of Jean Pehlivanov - a professor at AMDFA and the manager of the group.

Concert appearances of INTRO, both Bulgarian and international scene are numerous: tours in Germany in 2002 - 2003, the cities Dortmund, Willingen, Munster, Rhino, Berlin. Two concerts at the invitation of the Australian company "Millennium" in the United Arab Emirates in conjunction with the opening of a professional education centre in Dubai - 2003 and "The days of Bulgaria" in Ras Alkayma - 2005. Concert on the occasion of "Days of Bulgarian-Austrian culture" in Vienna - 2005. Concert tour in China, Hong Kong and Macao in 2006. Participation in concert on the occasion of Congress "KOMESA" of the African Republics held in Djibouti - Africa end of 2006. In 2007 INTRO take the stage with Vladi Ampov - Grafa in his solo concert - acoustic version. In 2009 and 2010 the group carried out a series of concerts in Greece and in 2010 two concerts in Edirne, Turkey, one dedicated to International Day of the ballet - 29.04, under the patronage of the Consul of the Republic of Bulgaria

INTRO has two singles "Sweeter than sin" and "Surrender your love" - a compilation of techno beats and vocals recorded in "Noculan" studio - Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Participate in numerous television shows - "Vote of Confidence", "Slavi Show", "Comedians", "Tea", "One Flew Over Night" ...

In 2011 they planned concert dedicated to 10-year anniversary.